The Giclee digital reproduction process used for Bart Forbes prints is an absolute state of the art print making medium.  Fine art Giclee reproductions are owned and exhibited by many museums.  Unlike the dot pattern lithographs of yesterday,  Giclee ink colors are virtually identical to those of the original oil paints and blend seamlessly making the reproduction on canvas so accurate that it requires a trained eye to differentiate between the copy and the original.


The Giclee process has the added advantage of being able to vary the size of the print without altering the quality,  allowing the customer to order the perfect size foe a particular location up to a maximum of 72" wide and 180" high depending upon the proportions of the image.  Each print is made individually to your specifications.  Contact us about custom sizes and prices:  maryjoforbes@gmail.com


This is a partial list of major museums that display Giclee reproductions of valuable paintings and photographs:

The Nasher Mueum of Art at Duke University

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) new York

National Gallery of Canada

The Louvre, Paris, France

Since 2006,  The Museum of Art of the University of Loyola in Chicago has displayed sixty Giclee reproductions of paintings by the Italian painter Michaelangelo.  All are digital fine art reproductions. The original paintings are in the church of San Antonio in Loches, France.